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Periodontal Disease and Systemic Disease

For many years, medical and dental researchers have been focusing on their own fields of study, conducting researches in medicine related to the general well-being and the health of the oral cavity, respectively. However, the strong relationship between oral disease and systemic conditions has been increasingly studied and proved through the past few decades. Recent studies have provided obvious proof that oral hygiene and systemic well-being are directly related.

The recent findings are strongly suggestive of the presence of an association between periodontal disease and systemic diseases such as osteoporosis, cardiac disease, low birth weight, poor control of diabetes mellitus, and pregnancy complications. The numerous efforts of the researchers from both fields have brought about many breakthroughs in our understanding of the etiological and patho-physiological mechanisms underlying the link between the chronic inflammation present in dental disease and other systemic conditions.

Consequently, there is hope that the important findings from these
researches may help dentists to greatly improve the current guidelines in treatment of periodontal disease, to prevent the negative consequences of oral disease on systemic health. Therefore, researchers must continue to not only establish the link between oral health and systemic conditions but also to recognize the positive effects of eliminating periodontal infections on the success of the treatment of systemic disease……Read More