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Dentophobia: Managing a Child’s Fear of the Dentist

age, they may have a fear of strangers, monsters under their bed or dogs; and, along with a fear of seeing the doctor, some fear going to the dentist.

In fact, dentophobia, or anxiety associated with seeing the dentist, is fairly common. One out of five children will have a real fear of the dentist. The problem is that dental hygiene and care are very important to health, and skipping it can be really harmful. Over time some children just grow out of this fear. But others maintain their anxiety into adulthood, causing them to avoid dental care and eventually leading to health problems. Given that, how a child’s fear is managed can make a lifetime of difference.

Why do some kids fear of the dentist? Let’s face it, to a child, a stranger putting instruments or his or her hands into your mouth sounds alarming. It feels invasive as well. That there are parts of your mouth that can break or fall out is a disconcerting thought for a patient of any age. What’s more, the noises and feelings associated with undergoing dental care can make some children uneasy. …..Read More.