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Reddit forum shares bizarre things that happen at the dentist

For many people, going to the dentist is a dreaded task, with fears of drills, needles, and surgical masks adding to the anxiety of each visit.
But it is this universal dislike of the dentist’s office that makes the dentistry Reddit subreddit that much more peculiar.


Around 3,000 deaths caused by late oral cancer diagnosis

Almost 3,000 deaths from oral cancer last year could have been avoided with early referral and diagnosis.
That’s according to the British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (BAOMS),


Keep breath fresh during the festive period

With festive feasts, parties and lots of people to meet, patients don’t want to be held back by the embarrassment of unpleasant smelling breath.CB12 White mouthwash is an ideal oral health product to enhance the oral health routine and keep patients motivated.


Poor oral health linked to higher blood pressure, worse blood pressure control

Poor oral health may interfere with blood pressure control in people diagnosed with hypertension. Periodontal disease — a condition marked by gum infection, gum inflammation and tooth damage


Tongue microbiome research underscores importance of dental health

Elderly individuals with fewer teeth, poor dental hygiene, and more cavities constantly ingest more dysbiotic microbiota, which could be harmful to their respiratory health, according to new research.


Research on British teeth unlocks potential for new insights into ancient diets

Goofy, yellow and crooked: British smiles have sometimes had a less-than-flattering international image, but a new study has put tartar from our infamously bad teeth to good use.


Wine polyphenols could fend off bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease

Evidence suggests that sipping wine may be good for your colon and heart, possibly because of the beverage’s abundant and structurally diverse polyphenols.


Beyond tooth decay: why good dental hygiene is important

Most of us are aware that poor dental hygiene can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath – but not brushing your teeth could also have consequences for more serious illnesses.